Adventure Activity Training with Results

The Dale Carnegie Federal Government  Adventure Programs are designed to explore individual limits and barriers to self-development within a group context and encourage risk taking, trust building, and the development of personal vision and commitment to organizational goals and values.

The Dale Carnegie Adventure Program provides an opportunity to build self-confidence, acquire  essential teamwork skills, learn the importance of collaboration, and develop a sense of shared meaning and purpose that inspires greatness.  A Coach from the Dale Carnegie  Adventure team selects   an ideal  setting  (within a 45 mile radius  of your location).  The  program will challenge your team to demonstrate courage, confidence, creativity and flexibility  in an action-oriented setting.  The training activities vary depending upon the location chosen and the size of your group, but examples  include activities such as zip lining, climbing, to ropes courses.


  • Flexibility

  • Resilience

  • Problem Solving

  • Oral Communication